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20th May 2007

Essex Rowing placed both its girls and boys teams in the top three at this weekend's Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship...
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12th May 2007

Novice crews from Essex Rowing swept Lowell High School this weekend in the opening regatta of the club's inaugural season...
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15th JULY 2006

The Fourth Annual Lawrence Celebration Regatta marked the first competition ever for the junior athletes. Highlighting the day was a win by the Essex Girls in the Novice 4+...
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Press Release

Andover Youth Compete At Indoor Rowing Championship


North Andover, MA – February 26, 2007 – This Sunday athletes from the Andover community representing Essex Rowing Club competed at the annual C.R.A.S.H.-B. Sprints in Boston, MA, also considered the World Indoor Rowing Championships.

Competing were Michael Song, Christoph Kapp, Becky Wrightson, and Renee Hamilton, all students of Andover High School. Also representing Essex Rowing in the Senior Women’s category was adult rower Marianne Merritt. Marianne is a kindergarten teacher at High Plain Elementary and resides in Andover with her husband Mark and daughter Elizabeth, also a member of Essex Rowing. Head Coach Travis Gardner competed as well.

Often a strange concept to those outside the sport, indoor rowing is an integral part of the water-based activity through the cold winter months. Though the water may be frozen, the need to prepare for spring competition is ever present, and as necessity is the mother of invention, so there was the introduction of the first indoor rowing machine over 25 years ago by a small company in Vermont, Concept2. Now the standard piece of equipment used by rowing programs across the country and globe, the Concept2 Indoor Rower, or “erg” as it is referred to in the rowing world (short for ergometer), is an indispensable training tool for rowers when time on the water is not an option.

Each year as the winter months draw to an end, indoor rowing competitions are organized so that athletes may test the progress they’ve made in the winter months, and the largest of these is the C.R.A.S.H.-B. Sprints. Beyond the fact that it is a rowing race without water, the event is also unique in whom it draws to compete. Participation in the event is open to all comers though it also serves as the World Indoor Rowing Championship and as such, draws many of the world's best athletes to compete for the title. This allows local athletes to compete side by side with the world's elite as each measure themselves against the clock. Every individual performance is measured by the time it takes for them to complete 2000 meters.

While first-year rowers generally compete separately from their more experienced counterparts in “novice” events, the C.R.A.S.H.-B. Sprints make no such distinction. For the athletes of Essex Rowing (now in its third month of existence), this event was their first trial at the 2000m distance and, despite their relative inexperience in a field of seasoned rowers, almost all of the athletes performed near the top third of the competitors in their respective events.

Essex Rowing Results
C.R.A.S.H.-B. Sprints - Boston, MA
February 25, 2007

Michael Song, Junior Lightweight Men, 7:06.0, 74 of 152
Christoph Kapp, Junior Men, 6:47.6, 74 of 205
Becky Wrightson, Junior Lightweight Women, 8:05.3, 26 of 93
Renee Hamilton, Junior Lightweight Women, 8:41.7, 77 of 93
Marianne Merritt, Senior Women, 7:54.8, 13 of 34
Travis Gardner, Lightweight Men, 6:36.5, 37 of 129

Essex Rowing Club, Inc. was formed November 2006 from a grassroots movement in the Andover community. With the support of Brooks School, which has hosted the Club’s winter programs in their own indoor rowing facility, Essex Rowing has build its membership to 36 participants in its first three months of operation and is prepared to double that number moving into its first spring season, which begins March 12th.

For the summer, Essex Rowing plans to expand programming extensively, providing introductory rowing opportunities for middle-school-aged youth and adults of all ages in addition to a continued focus upon rowing opportunities for local high school students.


Michael Song
Chritoph Kapp
Chritoph Kapp w/Michael Song
Becky Wrightson
Becky Wrightson w/Brittany Hockman
Renee Hamilton
Marianne Merritt

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